Hi, I’m Linz

Linz Creates - Founder

I am passionate about helping ‘soul entrepreneurs’

(people who give their time to others and don’t have much time for their own business)

to showcase their glorious selves and their heart-led services, enabling them to get their business started with


Linz Creates - Founder
Linz doing Stand up

So, why am I showing you this picture of me on stage, telling jokes in front of 100s of people?!


Well, most people don’t know this, but I signed up to this comedy course to get over my fear of;


Linz doing Stand up

This is me.

I’ve always loved telling stories and seeing the funny side of life.

I thought I’d find it easy to start my own business and tell the world about what I had to offer.




And now I am all about


(🎤 Mic drop!)

So, why work with me? 

✨ Content Creator

✨ Web Designer

✨ Small Biz Mentor

✨ Comedy Promoter


I love wellness, I love woo woo,

I love connecting people,

I love seeing people shine!

I’ll inspire you to find the courage to START putting yourself out there, getting your content to STAND OUT and, have some fun along the way!

It’s time to unveil your human superpowers!



Start With I.M.P.A.C.T.

Design your own WordPress homepage.

We start on the 3rd November and it’s a 6 week course including;

  • Branding

  • Content Creation

  • Market Message

  • Tech set up for WordPress

  • Copywriting to Convert

  • Launch your finished Landing/home page

Bonus week!!!!

We will also take a look at your social media channels and see if we can come up with a good strategy for over the Xmas period!


Then the option to continue on into my membership that will be teaching you how to build more pages out and really use your WordPress site as a 24/7 powerhouse for your business

(and much, much more!)

Wordpress and Divi

“It’s no longer enough to get referrals or rely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platforms, I’ve learnt that you have to be waaaaaay more visible than that, online and in person…”

Go through the Start With Impact course to help you get set up initially, and if you like the way it works, continue on into my membership which includes all of this (and more)

  • I.deas soundboard
  • M.entoring and Mindset
  • P.ackage up your offers
  • A.ction your sales plan
  • C.are and Confidence Building
  • T.eam of cheerleaders behind you

You will be supported every step of the way, by me, a trained business mentor and website designer, and my team of friendly experts who know all there is to know about running a small business and having fun in the process.

What does it cost?

You are joining as one of the ‘FOUNDING MEMBERS’ which means you will always pay the lowest price forever!

Special Early Bird Offer!

£197 - 6 week course

My cheepest price! 🐦

(Price rising in January 2022)

You will also need

Domain – £15 per year

& Hosting at £5 per month 

My price includes a Divi template to customise

(Worth £250!)

+ WordPress training and content resources

+ weekly coaching calls

+ 1:1 mentoring

Option to join the Membership upon course completion at £30pm

(£19 saving!!!)



When do we start?

Wednesday 3rd of November because we have 5 glorious weeks of November to build it and 2 weeks to test and launch it just before Xmas – so make a note of this in your diary.

Also, in the run-up to Christmas, I am throwing in a bonus week of looking at your socials and working out a strategy for how we can show everyone your sparkly new home/landing page, promote it like crazy, then have a relaxing Xmas holiday and be ready to start 2022 with a bigger bang than any firework could make! 🚀

how long is it for?

This first cohort will run for 6 weeks and by Xmas we will have your homepage ready as a landing page that you can launch to people, or you can wait until the whole thing is completed by the end of the next 6 weeks (February half term). 

I am running this live course in line with the school term so that we can have the holidays off guilt-free and enjoy ourselves rather than worrying about work and how to juggle it all.

do i need a domain/www.?

YES. But fear not, I will be helping you to set this up as it can feel quite technical. You’ll need hosting (where the site will live on the web) and an SSL certificate (padlock) also, I use a company that encompasses all 3 just for ease of use and so we can rely on their I.T. support!

Domain names range from £8-20 per year, and hosting with SSL included is generally about £6 per month or £32 per year with a ‘pay annual’ saving.

What happens at the end of the course?

Some people will be happy with their spangly new website and want to go it alone.

For those who want to continue their business journey with me by their side, I will be opening up the doors to my BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP where we will continue to expand our businesses (and minds) with a whole heap more fun and awesomeness thrown in!

There will be wellness, street dance, comedy workshops, expert trainings on business tools such as email marketing and running social media ads, and more!


can i still work & do this?

Of course you can, although we will be running the coaching calls during the day at 10am on Wednesdays, but there will be replays and evening Q& As too, also, you will have regular access to me via the Private Facebook group

I just want you to know that this course is best suited for service-based providers and although I would never turn away a product-based business or hobbyist, we will be working to get you results and so showing up on the group coaching calls and for 1:1 training is the most effective way of moving forward, however, I will be providing #replays and making resources available to all members – so it’s up to you! I would actually love it if we made this business so successful that you could give up that day job!

what is your refund/cancellation policy?

I offer a 7 day no quibble refund if you decide that it really isn’t for you, I hope that isn’t the case but I like to leave the door open!

It is only fair to all members that we go through this together as one and so please think carefully before joining this course as I am creating a community of like minded people and it will benefit you to put the effort in as everyone else does.

Wanna get to know me more first?

I realise that you might not know me yet, let’s hang out a little on Instagram, and when you feel ready, reach out and let’s see what we can CREATE


Linz takes time to understand what you want for your business

I love Linz’s enthusiastic, sparkly and generous spirit and it’s always a pleasure to connect and work with her.

Jo Riches – Life Coach and Keynote Speaker